Time of women
Romance, 2018
Andrei Troitsky, Vladimir Mirzoyev,
Inna Shcherban

Andrei Troitsky, Irina Vaskovskaya,
Valeria Baykeeva

Alexander Okovitsky, Yuri Burak,
Dmitry Korobkin

Mariam Ismailova, Ekaterina Sinyakina

Otto Totlandov, Iwanie Roberts Klyaver

Andrey Troitsky, Sergey Zinevich,
Irina Dolmat, Dmitry Chistyakov

Polina Aug, Makar Zaporizhsky,
Alexander Ivashkevich, Oksana Semenova, Evgeny Tsyganov, Evgeniya Solyanykh,
Nadezhda Igoshina, Anna Nakhapetova,
Denis Klyaver, Oleg Maslennikov-Voitov

Katerina Mikhaylova, Inna Shcherban,
Evgenia Solyanykh

Produced by VEGA FILM

A collection of three short stories, all about women: “Mira”, “Russian Death” and “Verka Fouetté”

Each novel tells about the fate of a woman, her hopes for love and the vicissitudes of fate. Country girl Mira dreams of a fiancé, and an officer stays in their house for the night, and Mira soon discovers that she is pregnant ... Valya, returning from Venice, where she lived for two years, meets Alexei, her sister's beloved - and she likes him. Vera, a retired ballerina, teaches yoga at a hotel and falls in love with a married man. And once a Spanish theater comes to their city with a ballet ... Each of the women will have to make difficult decisions in an attempt to find happiness.
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