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Vega Film, founded by the producer Katerina Mikhaylova in 2014 in Moscow, is a film production company, with the main focus on first features, documentaries and films engaging urgent social topics.

Among the emerging talents that Vega Film opened in Russian cinema are such names as Kseniya Zueva, Evgeniya Yatskina, Alyona Rubinstein, Maria Ignatenko, Veta Geraskina. Their directorial debuts were very well received at both Russian and international  film festivals, including Moscow, Pacific Meridian, Tallinn Black Nights, Zlin and Stalker IFF, as well as “Kinotavr”.

Selected Filmography:

2019 — Kaddish, by Konstantin Fam, drama

2019 — It's not forever, by Evgeniya Yatskina, Alyona Rubinstein, drama

2019 — New year's renovation, by Arthur Pinkhasov, comedy

2019 — Incredible life, by Andrey Grigoryev, documentary

2018 — Time of women, by Vladimir Mirzoev, Andrey Troitsky, Inna Shcherban, romance

2018 — Short waves, by Mikhail Dovzhenko, drama, comedy

2018 — Witnesses, by Konstantin Fam, documentary

2018 — Eins, Zwei, Drei, by Anna Bagmet and Irina Lindt, family film

2017 — Nearest and dearest, by Kseniya Zueva, drama


photo Konstantin Fam

Konstantin Fam

Producer, director, screenwriter

photo Ivan I. Tverdovskiy

Ivan I. Tverdovskiy

Director, screenwriter

photo Svetlana Khodchenkova

Svetlana Khodchenkova

Actress, producer

photo Egor Odintsov

Egor Odintsov


photo Lina Milovich

Lina Milovich

Singer, composer, TV presenter, producer

photo Oxana Shalamanova

Oxana Shalamanova

Actress, producer

photo Maria Ignatenko

Maria Ignatenko

Writer, director

photo Kseniya Zueva

Kseniya Zueva

Actress, screenwriter, director, producer

photo Evgeniya Yatskina

Evgeniya Yatskina

Writer, director

photo Evgeny Gerasimov

Evgeny Gerasimov

Actor, Director

photo Veta Geraskina

Veta Geraskina

Writer, director, actress

photo Arthur Pinkhasov

Arthur Pinkhasov

Writer, producer, director

photo Andrei Grigoryev

Andrei Grigoryev

Writer, director

photo Alyona Rubinstein

Alyona Rubinstein

Writer, director

photo Jakob Diehl

Jakob Diehl

Actor, composer

photo Oksana Skoropad

Oksana Skoropad


photo Alyona Chekhova

Alyona Chekhova


photo Polina Schlicht

Polina Schlicht