Eins, Zwei, Drei

A childrens and youth film trilogy, which focuses on the relationship between the two teenagers: a boy Vanya from Russia and a girl Erica from Germany, whose story brings the two cultures from their countries together.

In the first film, Vanya, who has German blood in his veins, is forced to go to a language camp in Germany. There, he meets beautiful Erica. To make friends with the girl, Vanya has to find a common language with her.

The second film brings Vanya and Erica to the village in Siberia for the New Year’s eve…

Directors and scriptwriters: Anna Bagmet and Irina Lindt

DOP: Maxim Belousov

Production designer: Vladimir Krutov

Editor: Sergey Zinevich

Cast: Ivan Zolotukhin, Ariana Vidiger, Galina Polskikh, Alexey Buldakov, Natalya Pavlenova, Natalya Pavlenova, Irina Lindt, Anna Bagmet, Ekaterina Belova, Anton Bagme

Producers: Katerina Mikhaylova, Anna Bagmet, Olga Martens

Line production: VEGA FILM

Genre: romance, comedy

Runtime: 50 minutes

Years: 2016, 2018