In deep sleep

First feature by Maria Ignatenko.

Participant of the Berlinale 2020 — Forum program.

Set against the background of a harsh and spectacular nature of the Russian North, IN DEEP SLEEP tells the story of Victor, a seaman, whose world goes into deep slumber after his wife dies. The tragedy stirs the dark side of his personality and leads to yet another death. In her first feature, Maria Ignatenko invites us into the dream-like exploration of the human loss, by creating a visually stunning emotional landscape of the protagonist’s fragile psyche.

Writer and director: Maria Ignatenko

DOP: Veronika Solovieva

Production designer: Lyudmila Duplyakina

Sound producer: Roman Kurochkin

Editor: Maria Ignatenko

Cast: Vadik Korolev, Lyudmila Duplyakina, Dmitry Kubasov

Producers: Katerina Mikhaylova, Konstantin Fam

Participation: Marché du Film at Cannes International Film Festival, American Film Market in Los Angeles, European Film Market in Berlin, the Forum at Berlinale in 2020.

Genre: drama

Runtime: 67 minutes

Year: 2020