New year's renovation

Film by Arthur Pinkhasov.

Margarita has 24 hours to make a renovation of her apartment before the arrival of her daughter and her mother. In an attempt to find a solution, she sends a message asking for help to all of her contacts in the address book of her phone, by mistake. From that moment on, the doorbell never stops, while Margo’s old and new friends appear one after another on the doorstep. A Russian deputy, a Jewish teacher, an Armenian restaurant owner, and last but not least – an American who is ready to propose. While Margarita hesitates, her friends already decided: they must do everything to stop her from leaving!

Director: Arthur Pinkhasov

Writers: Eduard Topol, Arthur Pinkhasov

DOPs: Andrey Danelyan, Ivan Malyutin

Production designers: Olga Sokolova, Oksana Shevchenko

Composers: Evgeny Krylatov, Mikhail Morskov, Artyom Fedotov

Editor: Maria Sidelnikova

Cast: Zoya Berber, Sergey Komarov, Artyom Osipov, Eric Bigulya, Vadim Galygin, Irina Rozanova, Vitaliy Kornienko, Danil Steklov, Makar Zaporizhsky, Ismail Kone

Producers: Arthur Pinkhasov, Eduard Topol, Vadim Galygin, Katerina Mikhaylova

Genre: comedy, romance

Runtime: 83 minutes

Year: 2019