Incredible life

A documentary film by Andrei Grigoriev.

Once, for the children born in Kosovo, having a dishwasher at home was comparable to having a Rolls-Royce. Now, six years later, they live in Germany, go to the local school, speak German and plan to compete for the title of being the next German football star.

Writer and director: Andrey Grigoryev

DOPs: Vladimir Abikh, Artyom Gryanik, Andrey Grigoryev

Composer: Alyona Surkova

Editor: Denis Ivanitsky, Andrey Grigoryev

Producers: Katerina Mikhaylova, Konstantin Fam, Andrey Grigoryev

Production: VEGA FILM

Genre: documentary

Runtime: 57 min

Year: 2019