The Land of Sasha

Romantic comedy, drama, 2022

Yulia Trofimova

Maria Shulgina, Elizaveta Tikhonova
Yulia Trofimova

Marcel Shamshulin

Sergei Stern

Egor Povolotskiy

Aleksandra Antonova

Katerina Mikhaylova
Konstantin Fam

Yulia Trofimova’s debut as a film director.

The script was written based on the famous story of Gala Uzryutova "The Land named Sasha".

17 year old school graduate Sasha is indecisive to choose painting as his profession, not to let down his young mother, until he meets an unusual girl Zhenya, who makes him change his view on life.

Crystal Bear Nomination for Best Feature Film in the Generation 14+ Youth Competition at the Berlin Film Festival 2022 Best Actress Award: Maria Matsel, New Russian Film Festival Gorkiy FestPrize im. Yul Brynner to the best young Russian actor: Mark Eidelstein, 19th International Film Festival of the Asia-Pacific Region in Vladivostok "Pacific Meridians"Prize for the best feature debut film at the Piterkit festivalGolden Eagle long list in the nominations "Best feature film" and "Best Actor in a Motion Picture" (Mark Eidelstein)
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