The sun will rise tomorrow
Drama, 2022

Writer and director
Robert Def

Time: 97 minutes

Alisher Khamidkhodzhaev

Production Designer
Sergey Gavrilenkov

Konstantin Poznekov

Sound Producer
Shamil Mallaev

Robert Def, Tagan Ataev

Kirill Grebenshikov, Philipp Avdeev
Marina Drovosekova, Ramil Sabitov
Andrey Kazakov, Elena Makhova
Alexander Zlatopolsky, Dmitry Savelev

Katerina Mikhaylova
Konstantin Fam

Anton Tiurikov

First feature by Robert Def

Moscow, 1990s. Walter, a 40-year-old migrant construction worker, receives tragic news from his home, that he left a long time ago with a dream to built a different life for himself. A mountain village where his mother lives has been caught in the cross fire of the military conflict. Thus begins the story of homecoming, where a son gets a chance to find his mother for the second time against the backdrop of a territory dispute amidst the wreckage of the Soviet empire.

Marché du Film at the Cannes International Film Festival, the American Film Market, the European Film Market in Berlin. Press diploma "For a deep understanding of the theme of war" at the festival "Amur Autumn"
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